Route Optimization

Moovex’s ride sharing technology—the smartest way for your customers to get where they’re going

Our dedication towards achieving maximum optimization is fueled by the knowledge that every turn, every stop, and every unpredictable, costs you, your drivers, and your business.

Upload your route manifest into our system and Moovex will quickly deliver the most optimized route for your drivers. (ridesharing optional)
By fusing a unique set of data models, Moovex’s Route Optimization will help you reduce miles, maintenance, and fuel while increasing business capacity and profitability.

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Driver Mobile Application

Moovex’s Driver Applications - Let your fleet work in harmony by providing your drivers with Moovex’s Driver Application. Our user-friendly and intuitive interface provide next-gen, Pick-Up, Drop-Off, and Navigation features, letting your drivers focus on your customers, but more importantly, the road.

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