Moovex’s Ridesharing Technology is the ultimate tool for new economic efficiency.

Painstakingly developed to provide our partners with a path into the future, Moovex’s Ridesharing API delivers best-in-class ridesharing, with advanced algorithm route alignment and reassembly.

With customizable operational parameters, the Moovex Ridesharing API can dynamically create shared routes for a variety of applicable industries.

If you are a taxi, shuttle, or bus operator, we can enter your fleet into the ridesharing marketplace, providing your customers with more cost-efficient rides, while meeting the unique needs of your business and drivers.

If you are an NEMT broker, Moovex’s ridesharing and route optimization will incrementally increase your business efficiency, increasing business capacity to increase your profitability.

We also proudly serve the municipal and public transportation sector. From pupil transportation to senior care, Moovex’s Ridesharing provides a more modern, safer, and economic way to deploy your fleets.

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Passenger Mobile Applications​

Digitalize your ride-hailing and reservation system. Moovex can create custom mobile applications, for Android + iOS, enabling complete peace-of-mind, providing your passengers with features such as instant ride-booking, live ride-tracking, and payment options.

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