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Arad Sawat website

Website for film-set designer Arad Sawat built on WIX . View

Santos – Real Estate project in Costa Rica

Site for the real-estate project Santos in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The site is built with bootstrap and has a costume made template ...

Daniella Fay – website & shop

Website and shop  for event designer Daniella Fay. The website is a creative gallery with text and images using a parallax scroll ...

Terry Poison Website Version 2

Design and development of the electronic band Terry Poison's Website. Website built on Wordpress.

“Gorgeous” music video

Terry Poison  single, released Aug 2013 video by director Gal Mugghia. The video features new and innovative filming techniques featuring a 360-degree freeze-frame shot with 52 different iPhones. The video also includes specially designed camera structures carrying 11 different cameras to create ...

Geva – Hand crafted website w/ animation

Website for Copywriter Geva Kochba. Hand-crafted and animated on flash, programmed by action-script 3. Visit ...